Reasons to use Self Storage when Moving House

7 reasons self storage can help when moving house

When moving house, self storage can help you to save time, stress and money.  Using storage to declutter your house prior to putting it on the market will allow prospective buyers to see the potential of the property and not get distracted by your belongings.  It will also allow you to do the move in stages and pay less because you won’t be taking stuff you don’t need and you may not have to shell out on a large removal company.

In the event that there is an unplanned problem on moving day, you can always put your belongings temporarily in storage until you work out plan B. And if your next home needs a bit of a make over before you move in you can pop your stuff into storage so you don’t have to work around it.

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you can go through in life, but efficient use of a self storage unit can make it so much easier and a goo storage company can help take a load off you. All our stores offer free tea and coffee. If you don’t get offered one just ask!

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1. You need to declutter before moving day

In the run-up to moving day, you’ll begin to appreciate just how much stuff you actually own! Bearing in mind that removals companies charge by how long it will take to pack up your belongings and how many journeys will need to be made, it makes sense to declutter your house as much as possible. Moving some items yourself into self storage in advance will reduce moving time and costs. Another thing to note is removals companies may charge for extra time so be mindful of this. If you do not complete until 5pm they may charge double or even triple the time. We have heard stories that they will not continue working until the next day.

By decluttering, you’ll also be able to see what ‘basics’ you’re left with and how they’ll fit into your new home. Once you’re settled in your new home you can make an informed decision about what you want to keep in the long term and what you are prepared to sell or give away.

2. You might find yourself ‘between houses’

Sometimes it can be easier to sell your own home first (or give notice on your tenancy), then rent a house or stay with family until you can find and move into your new home. That way, you can sell your home quickly without having to ask the buyers to delay and risk the sale falling through.

If you do, bear in mind that your temporary accommodation may not have room for all of your furniture, particularly if it’s furnished or part-furnished – and unpacking out-of-season clothing, photo albums and books is a lot of work if you’re not planning to stay for long. If you’re staying with family, they won’t thank you for bringing the entire contents of your home, either! It makes sense to put everything except your day-to-day essentials into storage until you’re settled for the long term. Remember, our insurance will only cover the replacement value new for old for items but nothing for items which are irreplaceable or of personal sentimental value.

3. There’s an unplanned problem on moving day

When moving house, timing is of crucial importance and doesn’t always go to plan, especially if you’re buying and there’s a chain (remember what we said about waiting for a completion and getting those keys). All it takes is for one person to have a problem with their mortgage approval or removals company and it can all come crashing down! So what if something unexpected goes wrong at the last minute?

You should always have a Plan B.

If there’s a major problem pack your essentials in your car and stay in a hotel or with family for a night or two until the problem is resolved. You can put almost everything into a clean, dry, secure unit for as long as you need until you can move into your new home at last.

If you mentally plan to move all but the bare essentials into self storage in an emergency you’ll cope much better than if you’re left floundering at the kerbside with the removals company charging by the hour. Give us a call and find out about Big Bear Self Storage

4. You want to unpack slowly

It’s perfectly understandable that you’ll want to move in and get settled as quickly as possible after moving day. But waiting to unpack everything when you first move in certainly has its advantages – you can clean your new house properly and take some time to plan exactly how you’ll use each room. Keeping all but the basics in self storage for a few days or even weeks is highly efficient and you’ll feel more in control in an otherwise stressful situation.

5. Your new home needs some TLC

Your new house may well need some renovations and/or redecorating for it to feel like home. You might be planning to do an extension, convert that garage, repurpose existing rooms, paint the walls or fit new carpets, for example.

You’ll find it much easier to get everything done without having to move (and protect) all your furniture and personal belongings. Take the essentials with you, and store almost everything else with us by moving into a clean, dry unit. You can purchase packaging/protectors to help protect your things until you’re ready to move in properly.

6. You’re moving overseas

Most people who emigrate choose to rent a home in their new country to give themselves some time to scope out the local area and make an informed decision about exactly where they want to live and indeed to find their dream home.

If you are planning to move abroad, placing your existing belongings in storage in the UK will allow you to travel freely without having to worry about transporting everything until you are ready to receive it. You may even be planning to stay abroad for just a year or two and staying in furnished accommodation over there, in which case you can move your belongings into a clean, dry unit and purchase packaging/protectors to help protect your things until you move back to the UK.

7. You’re moving for work

If you’re moving as part of a corporate moving process, you may prefer to store your belongings in self storage and retrieve them when you are settled. You might move into furnished, rented accommodation (especially if yours is a short-term redeployment) and not have room for all of your old furniture. Or you might just want to take the bare essentials with you and be sure that you’re happy moving to a new area for the long term before committing to moving all of your possessions into your new home. Long or short term, you can keep your belongings with us at a low weekly rate for as long as you need.