From 1st April 2024 we will charge VAT instead of IPT. There will be a transition period so all new invoices from 17th March 2024 onwards will have the updated tax rate. Please refer to our summary of insurance cover

Cover Required Cost
£1,000 £2.50 per week
£2,000 £4.50 per week
£3,000 £6.00 per week
£5,000 £8.00 per week
£7,000 £10.00 per week
£10,000 £11.00 per week
£12,000 £12.00 per week
£15,000 £13.00 per week
£20,000 £14.00 per week
£25,000 £15.00 per week

You should carefully calculate the true value of your items. In the event of a claim you will only be entitled to recover from the insurers the proportion of the loss as the declared value bears to the total replacement value of your goods. Excess £100.00.

It is a condition of the Licence Agreement that your property is insured for its full true total value and that cover is maintained throughout the total period of storage with the Facility Owner.

Please note that irrespective of whether or not you instruct the Facility Owner to arrange insurance for your property their liability for actual physical loss of or damage to your property whilst in store is limited by the terms of their Licence Agreement which form part of their contract with you.

SUBJECT TO YOU GIVING THE FACILITY OWNER INSTRUCTIONS TO INSURE, they can arrange on your behalf insurance Underwritten by Amica for AXA Versicherung AG and Others to cover physical loss or damage to your property whilst stored with the Facility Owner within their “Open Cover” insurance arrangements as summarised in the Insurance Terms & Conditions. You may inspect the policy at their office on request. Please note, the cover provided by us is optional however you will need cover whilst storing with us.